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Research, development and innovation

Innovation is a differentiating element within Efficold for which the company continually invests in R&D&i, so we can develop new products capable of satisfying the most demanding customers.

The R&D Department carries out a research process that allows us to obtain innovations that apply to existing products and the development of new prototypes. Also, in collaboration with our development, quality and reliability laboratory allows us to guarantee optimal quality to our customers.

100% customizable

efficold can offer comprehensive solutions for all kind of necessity related to refrigeration equipment.

Based on our extensive catalog and our technical know-how, we can adapt our products and design with each customer their own range of refrigeration.

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Customized products

Partners beyond the cold, the efficold motto, materialize the spirit and the success key factor of our company.

Working in partnership with our customers is critical to understand your project and guarantee quality and reliable units, faithfully reflecting your concept and brand image.

Branding area

We tend to expand branding areas using all customization techniques depending on manufacturing materials:

  • Exterior material: Printing using four-color, ink-jet printing on metal, vinyl.
  • Doors: Solid and illuminated for greater impact of the brand, logo with vinyl, screen-print, or illuminated with LED on cristal doors.
  • Canopy: Polycarbonate, back light, translucent canvas, LED backlighting.
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Custom design

Always in seek of new trends and more original concepts, we offer new designs for our coolers.

Starting from your original concept and thanks to the know-how of our R&D&i teams we can also create the exact refrigeration solution that you conceived for your market.


Innovation is not only having new ideas, it’s making them happen. More than ever the collaboration with our customer is key in our projects developments. Through adaptation of standard units or whole new designs, efficold is your partner beyond the cold.

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