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Corporate Social Responsibility

Our contribution

Efficold wants to create value through the creation of attractive, ethical and quality products.

We address all phases of the process – design, supply, product quality control and manufacturing, logistics and sales through a model with four key pillars:

+ Health and safety.

+ Work standards.

+ Environment

+ Business ethics

During 2021 we have successfully passed a SMETA audit by a third party with satisfactory results.

Corporate Social Responsibility 1

Health and safety

The safety and health of our employees and contractors is an absolute priority for Efficold. We have a responsibility and know that our ability to carry out our activities successfully depends on good health and safety (the company’s integrated policy is available for consultation on our website)

We try to ensure a safe work environment and create a culture of health and safety within the company that promotes optimal performance at work.

To this end, among other initiatives that we have implemented, we highlight:

  • Smoke-free space
  • Authorized first aid center
  • Cardioprotected center
Corporate Social Responsibility 2
Corporate Social Responsibility 3

We protect human rights

We assume the responsibility of ensuring respect for Human Rights throughout our entire value chain.

We are committed to the protection of Human Rights in all our areas of action. We have as reference the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights of the United Nations and the Fundamental Principles promoted by the International Labor Organization (ILO)

We assume the commitment and responsibility to ensure respect for Human Rights throughout our entire value chain, including our employees, our suppliers, the communities in which we operate and, of course, our customers.


Respecting and preserving the environment is not a commercial argument, it is a commitment to the world around us. At efficold we contribute to a sustainable future to be better at what we do and what we want to be, and to do so we are committed to ecological cold with the use of more energy and environmentally efficient technologies and materials.

Respect for the environment is highly linked to energy consumption in our sector. For this reason, we achieve up to 73% energy savings on some models thanks to several factors such as hydrocarbon refrigerants, greater insulation, intelligent control with Eco mode, LED lighting, etc.

We have a certified system based on ISO 14001 and it is worth noting that since 2019 we have been measuring the carbon footprint at the group level.

Corporate Social Responsibility 4
Corporate Social Responsibility 5

Work standards

Our employees are the most valuable asset, which is why we have developed:

  • Own collective agreement
  • Equality plan
  • Code of conduct (available for consultation on our website)

Business ethics

Efficold is committed to the development of its business within the established ethical standards, for this we create and share our ethical culture with our suppliers and our clients. For our suppliers, we have created a code of conduct to communicate these values ​​and work together under these standards.

Corporate Social Responsibility 6

We promote provincial sports

Within all these initiatives we develop different activities framed in the field of social responsibility, highlighting among them,

We promote sport. Efficold promotes sports in the region by signing collaboration agreements.

We bet on new talents

We collaborate with training entities for the development, learning and integration of students into the world of work. To this end, Efficold has signed agreements with the following organizations:

Corporate Social Responsibility 7


During the pandemic we have contributed with our contribution of masks to different organizations with economic difficulties.

Corporate Social Responsibility 8


Download all the attached documentation about our Corporate Social Responsibility