Experts in
Creating unique experiences for the point of sale
Reliability and
Technical excellence
Cold specialists with more than 30 years of experience
  • Bet on quality
    • efficold has implemented an integrated Quality and Environmental Management System implemented in the company since 2000, which is certified under the international standards ISO 9001 and ISO14001, among others.

  • Customer satisfaction
    • We have a development team specialized in the most modern promotional tools at the point of sale, advising on customization and design, with the aim of maintaining the quality and visibility of your brand with customized products.

  • Assured reliability
    • Our 10 development, quality and reliability laboratories allow us to guarantee optimum quality to our customers.

We give an answer quickly to the needs of our clients
  • Strong industrial capacity
    • efficold is a benchmark in the international market and is characterized by a strong industrial capacity and flexibility, which allow us to manufacture large series of thousands of units in the shortest time possible.

  • Supply Guarantee
    • The management policy established by efficold guarantees the reliability in the supply of our suppliers and their respect for the environment. For this, we apply the appropriate methods and promote the best use of the natural resources necessary for their activities, ensuring that the cleanest technologies available are used.

  • Worldwide spare parts distribution network
    • At efficold, we have a service network established in most countries, offering complete technical assistance along with a large number of spare parts in stock.

and Innovation
Meat maturation cabinets

Meat maturation cabinets are an element that is getting notoriety in professional catering.

The objective is to offer a higher quality meat, with a more intense flavor and an improved texture.

Dry maturing is the technique that intensifies and improves the flavor of the
meat, obtaining a unique culinary experience.

We are POS

Leaders in solutions for the point of sale.


We offer solutions adapted to your needs that will help you achieve your objectives in the most effective way, you can communicate, expose, or present a product wherever the presence of potential customers requires it.

Featured Products
SZ-35 Vintage

Our new compact refrigerator with a retro design

Double Sided

Our signature Double Sided with a wood exterior finish

Vitrinas 4 caras

Our 4-sided showcase with 360º vision, ideal for spaces with high traffic of people

Slim Fresh

New line with fresh finish for our entire range of coolers.

To highlight its design with a larger handle and door profiles in two colors.

Slim Prime

New line with Prime finish for our entire range of coolers.

Full-Vision all-glass door and improved interior lighting

VRA open display cabinets

Our most popular open display cabinets, now with wood external finish for a “Bio” look

Liquid dispenser

New design for our juice and liquid dispenser, giving it a fresher and more modern design


Do you want to increase your sales?

Our FIFO Green Cooler manages to increase sales up to 200% thanks to its system without barriers for the user

Slim Cooler Inox

Our Slims with premium finishes, in this case, stainless steel