At Efficold, we offer solutions for the marketing of drinks, through the manufacture of coolers, display stands and all types of machinery for enhancing the brand of our customers at the sales point.

We have all kinds of solutions in wood, copper, glass and plastic, and we specialise in manufacture using stainless steel for sectors such as, hotels, catering and communities, and in sectors as innovative as supermarkets and the medical-pharmaceutical sector with the aim of promoting the sales of our customers’ products at the sales point.

For the ice cream sector, due to the high temperature and display demands, Efficold offers all kinds of solutions to its customers.

We can incorporate the latest digital technology in all our equipment. We implement projects in which we interconnect equipment and where the Internet of things has a leading role. We connect devices in an advanced way and offer services that go further than traditional systems by transforming static machinery into powerful equipment at the sales point. This allows, among other possibilities, remote purchasing, planned maintenance, promotions and key information to be provided to the marketing or sales teams in order to maximise sales.