Blast chilling cells


The capacities included in the technical data have been calculated following the strictest standards, and a power-regulated cooling unit can be installed. All the appliances are built with an HACCP system and with remote units available with their own reference.


The blast chiller cells are mixed so they provide an optimal functioning quality both for cooling (down to +3ºC) and freezing (down to -18ºC). The entire development process – from the design to manufacturing – takes place internally at efficold and the cycles and operating modes are the same as those of the blast chillers.


The insulation is 100 mm, 20% thicker than the average used on the market provides a better performance, especially for freezing, and substantial energy savings.


The models have been designed to fit tray trolleys made by any oven brand with a ramp. They can also be pass-through – optionally for the  references 200’, and as standard for the references «400’ (tunnels). With CR and CRP cells, the ramps have their own references and have to be ordered separately.

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