EZP-20 efficold

Our Bag-In-Box dispenser is our special cooler reference for any type of liquids in bag-in-box packaging.

Shows the lowest energy consumption of our catalog. It also has a reduced noise level and a fantastic design to enhance your brand.

  • Exterior made of metal sheet that provide a great robustness and interior made of thermoformed plastic.
  • Customizable door made of metal sheet.
  • Ecological injected polyurethane insulation free of CFCs, density 40kg /m³.
  • Temperature control by digital thermostat with automatic defrost.
  • Four feet adjustable in height.
  • Two faucets and levers with plastic coated.
  • Drip tray in stainless steel finish.
  • Uniform cold distribution thanks to the excellent design of the ventilated cooling system and its evaporator.
  • Automatic evaporation of defrost water.
  • Door lock at the top of the cooler.
  • Low-maintenance condenser.
  • Palletized four units per pallet.
  • Exterior customizable.
  • Printed and /or illuminated logo in the glass.
  • Energy Management Device (EMD).
  • Illuminated and customizable door.
External dimensions (mm)362 x 472 x 736
Net weight (kg)25
Internal net volume (Lt)35
Capacity bag in box 10L (pcs)2
24h energy consumption (kwh)1,2
Climatic classCC1 (25°C/60%HR)
Temperature range (°C)+5 / +10
Voltage / frequency230v / 50Hz
Door serigraphy dimensions (mm)361 x 453
Lateral serigraphy dimensions (mm)418 x 720
Transport 40' container / 13m truck224 / 256
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