Display cabinets for tapas

The tapas display cabinet is an eye catching appliance in all horeca businesses. In this case our R&D&i team paid particular attention to exterior design in the aim to present the best product both aesthetically and technically.


We propose several models with 2 dimensions, curved glass covers (one piece) or flat covers (two pieces), built-in or remote unit.


Following our environmental policy, we reduce energy consumption as much as possible in our equipment so we include LED lighting.


Interior stainless steel tray with moulded liner base prepared for six or eight 40mm GN1/3 trays, accessible through a sliding glass door. Our cabinets include an emergency cleaning drain for waste liquids, which means they are among the most hygienic on the market.


The efficold display cabinet for tapas includes the cooling unit in the cabinet (remote unit is an option), this generating a working temperature of +4ºC/8ºC, with a cold-plate evaporator and copper tube.

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