Our showcase 360° is surely the most aesthetically striking within its fantastic illumination and four sides in glass.

The light show if this unit is impressive. We recommned using it with glass bottles that enhance even more the light effect.

  • Double interior LED light vertically arranged to maximize the product visibility.
  • Exterior in glass and interior made of metal sheet.
  • Double glazed door mounted on a plastic profile and handle either inlaid on the side.
  • Three shelves included.
  • Ecological injected polyurethane insulation free of CFCs, density 40kg /m³.
  • Temperature control by digital thermostat with automatic defrost.
  • Four feet adjustable in height.
  • Uniform cold distribution thanks to the excellent design of the ventilated cooling system and its evaporator.
  • Automatic evaporation of defrost water.
  • Low-maintenance condenser.
  • Palletized of four units per pallet.
  • Exterior customizable.
  • Printed logo in the glass.
External dimensions (mm)410 x 410 x 868
Net weight (kg)51
Internal net volume (Lt)67
Capacity 33 cl cans / 1/3 bot (pcs)60 / 50
24h energy consumption (kwh)2,55
Climatic classCC1 (25°C/60%HR)
Temperature range (°C)+4 / +10
Voltage / frequency230v / 50Hz
Front serigraphy dimensions (mm)215 x 322
Lateral serigraphy dimensions (mm)243 x 296
Transport 40' container / 13m truck192 / 208
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