Display sushi cabinet


Being an eye catching appliance in all sushi specialized restaurants, our R&D&i team paid particular attention to exterior design of this display, in the aim to present the best product both aesthetically and technically, adapting to the special conditions necessaries for this ingredient preservation.


Sushi needs special treatment because it involves raw ingredients, which means that it suff ers much more than tapas.

To this end we have developed an optimal system with an additional evaporator, protected in an aesthetic way.


Following our environmental policy, we reduce energy consumption as much as possible in our equipment so we include LED lighting.


Integrated stainless steel base tray, perforated and ready for placing sushi plates on top accessible through a sliding glass door.

Our cabinets include an emergency cleaning drain for waste water which means they are amongst the most hygienic on the market.


Static cooling with a double evaporation system, generating a working temperature of -1ºC/2ºC, at a room temperature of 27ºC.

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