FIFO-XL efficold
Energy Saving

Our cooler fruit of the collaboration between efficold & FIFO GC©. It can increase your sales by 40% to 100%, it’s more ecological and efficient with a simple, rapid access to the bottles without having to open any doors.

It’s also perfect to avoid cannibalization of the cooler by competing brands and to give an optimal beverage label visibility. And don´t forget that it’s fully customizable!

  • Triple interior LED light to maximize the product visibility.
  • Interior and exterior made of metal sheet that provide a great robustness.
  • Five vertical product levels, which help consumers to take drinks at the same time quickly.
  • Adjustable shelves to avoid cannibalization between brands.
  • Double glass door mounted on an aluminium profile and handle either inlaid on the side.
  • Ecological injected polyurethane insulation free of CFCs, density 40kg /m³.
  • Temperature control by digital thermostat with automatic defrost.
  • Four feet adjustable in height.
  • Uniform cold distribution thanks to the excellent design of the ventilated cooling system and its evaporator.
  • Automatic evaporation of defrost water.
  • Doors lock.
  • Unitary palletized.
  • Exterior customizable.
  • Printed and /or illuminated logo in the glass.
  • Energy Management Device (EMD).
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