Mixed blast chillers


Our models are mixed, carrying our refrigeration cycles (90º to 3º) in 90 min or freezing ones (90º to -18º) in 240 minutes, and preserving food at the end of the cycle at the reached temperature. There are two modes on every work cycle: hard / soft according to the type and thickness of the food (smaller or larger than 2 cm). This efficold technology enables us to achieve very competitive performance/power ratio which we test under the most demanding conditions.


Rounded joints make the appliance easier to clean. The interior parts can be easily removed, and waste liquids are drained down the sloping cleaning drain. Blast chillers include a tray to collect water from inside, and the option of being sterilised by UV light.


Our runners hold GN or Pastry trays used in ovens and offer the versatility required by catering businesses and large restaurants. The design and the position of the fans ensure perfect distribution of cold air in our appliances.


efficold control and the intuitive menu make our appliances easier to use, and they allow to create up to 10 programmes. The cycle control can be carried out by time or with the probe situated in the core of the food. If the probe is not used, it will be carried out automatically by time.

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