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Innovation in Cooling: Introducing the FIFO FGC-XL

At Efficold, we understand the importance of always being at the forefront of innovation in refrigeration solutions. Therefore, we are proud to introduce you to one of our most notable coolers: the FIFO FGC-XL, a result of our collaboration with FIFO Green Cooler©.

This cooler is not only a marvel of engineering and design, but also a real catalyst for sales, with a reported increase of between 40% and 100% at the points that have incorporated it.

Redefining Efficiency with the New Efficold Cooler

The FIFO FGC-XL stands out as an open cooler, with no doors to access the product, which greatly facilitates its access: There is no need to open any door to pick up a bottle, making the process simple and quick.

But the FIFO FGC-XL is much more than an easy-to-use cooler. We have designed this product with our customers’ specific needs in mind. For example, we have incorporated adjustable shelves that help prevent cannibalization between brands, allowing each product to have its own place and visibility. The interior vertical triple LED light maximizes product visibility, ensuring that every drink is displayed in the best possible way.

The FIFO FGC-XL is also robust and durable, with an interior and exterior made of steel sheeting. In addition, it features a double-glazed door mounted on an aluminum profile, providing excellent resistance and durability. To ensure safety, we have included a lock system.

We are proud to say that the FIFO FGC-XL is not only efficient and effective, but also eco-friendly. CFC-free injected polyurethane insulation and automatic defrost water evaporation are just two of the features that make this cooler a sustainable choice.

Choose Our FIFO FGC-XL for Your Business

At Efficold, we understand that every business is unique, which is why the FIFO FGC-XL is fully customizable. You can choose to have your logo screen-printed and/or illuminated on the glass and adapt the exterior to your brand image. Finally, the FIFO FGC-XL incorporates the Energy Management Device (EMD), which helps to manage energy consumption efficiently.

Discover everything it can do in the video we show you below:

In summary, the FIFO FGC-XL is more than just a cooler. It is a complete refrigeration solution, designed to increase sales, improve efficiency, and provide a personalized touch to your business.