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A leader at the sale´s point

WE ARE POS was created to meet all the requirements of a point of sale, which is tremendously saturated at present, and in which it is therefore necessary to stand out amongst the solutions of our competitors.

This company is the sum of two large companies: efficold & Innovación PLV. The result is a leader at the sale´s point: WE ARE POS.

A leader at the sale´s point 1

We offer solutions tailored to our clients’ needs in order to help them achieve their objectives in the most effective way possible; to help them communicate, exhibit, or present their product wherever it’s required by the presence of potential customers.

Through our experience and approach, we are able to create and plan elements which will capture the consumer’s attention and make them think and feel something new. Using this emotional momentum, we help consumers to not only purchase vrands, but to understand them as well.

We create, design and install all kind of solutions for our customers:

  • Ad hoc
  • Displays
  • Brand products
  • Retail spaces
  • Floordisplays
  • Glorifiers
  • Lighted signs
  • Retail
  • Shop in shop
  • Commercial facilities
  • Merchandising
    • Stoppers
    • Linear / strip displays
    • Trays
    • Pricing tags
    • Impulse strips
    • Display units

These are some of our customers

A leader at the sale´s point 30

Nothing is constant, except change”

We are POS