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Efficold makes its debut in the field of robotic solutions

Efficold enters the field of robotic solutions applied to the Hospitality and Food&Beverage sector.

As a partner of the foodtech specialist Macco Robotics, Efficold is entering the innovative robotic solutions sector with a humanoid waiter robot with 5G technology and artificial intelligence called Kime and Cart, a robotic Drink Corner.

Efficold, a global benchmark in the commercial refrigeration sector, is making the definitive leap in the development and marketing of robotic solutions for the food and beverage industry. Through a strategic alliance with Macco Robotics, a foodtech firm focused on the development of robotic processes and artificial intelligence, Efficold, as a partner, becomes a benchmark player given its knowledge and industrial potential in innovative projects with multiple functionalities for the Hospitality and Food&Beverages sector.

The pilot projects, present at the Telefónica stand during the Mobile World Congress 2022 in Barcelona, are 100% based on national technology, and will subsequently be exhibited in Efficold’s ShowRoom at its Lucena factories.

On the one hand, Efficold is contributing to the manufacture of KIME, a robot with artificial intelligence that makes use of 5G to interact with customers in real time and can determine the consumption being made, the customer profile behind the consumption or warn of available stock, among other capabilities. A wide range of possibilities that will not only provide new experiences for customers, but will also allow waiters to optimise their time, freeing them from the most physically demanding tasks.

On the other hand, CART, a drink corner that dispenses beverages and will introduce a new concept of automated trolley for serving food and beverages to the market. Portable and multifunctional in design, it can be equipped with a wide variety of products.

The advantages of CART include food safety, quality in every service, user experience, reduced operating costs, high productivity and control over sales. Both robotic solutions have the advantage of being “sustainable and have a low carbon footprint”, according to the company.

Macco Robotics is a renowned Andalusian engineering company specialising in humanoids that designs all the patented technology of which these robots are composed, and of which we are proud to be their partners for the beverage channel.