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The use of the new efficient efficold equipment. An aid for the sustainable development of the Planet

A study by the efficold sustainability laboratory reveals that Spain could save on CO2 (carbon dioxide) emissions per year if HORECA consumers in the national territory reduced their electricity consumption by replacing obsolete equipment that demands a large amount of energy, for our range of more modern and energy efficient devices.

This study has been carried out to analyze and know to what extent our equipment manages to reduce the environmental impact, thanks to its lower consumption of electricity, additional derivative in a lower amount of emissions. The results are based on the hypothetical replacement situation of all devices over ten years old by our range of Elite devices. The variables that could be taken into account for the measure of savings were, the amount of carbon dioxide emissions and electricity that would be saved if such an assumption occurred.

The study concluded that the annual savings in energy terms is equivalent to the expense that would be generated if all Spanish households left lit a 60W bulb for 69 days and the amount of carbon dioxide emissions that would be saved is equivalent to what would be emitted if all the families of the country drove at the same time a car for 526 kilometers.

Our Elite range of cabinets achieve a minimum energy saving of 30% over the models of other ranges thanks to several factors such as the use of R-290 refrigerant, increased insulation, intelligent control and LED lighting.

In efficold we continue working to achieve even more energy efficient equipment with lower GWP values ​​in the immediate future to reduce the impact on the ozone layer.