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Venditalia 2022 – Efficold

Efficold has been showing new products at Venditalia 2022, the most important international trade fair for automatic food and beverage distribution.

Here are some videos about the stay and the products we have exhibited.

Stand efficold Venditalia 2022

We have two new products with artificial intelligence adapted to current demand, both from distributors and consumers, and which advance in sales analysis. Actsell Plus 700, a cooler-type cabinet that incorporates artificial vision for the automated sale of refrigerated products, connected to a powerful app and management platform.

This cabinet allows geolocation, sales analysis, real-time monitoring of both stocks and machine operation, personalised promotions, among other features.

We have also presented Actsell 300, another cooler that allows barcode reading of the products it stores and is connected to an app that allows control and payment of the stored products. It is a secure and intuitive system that is highly adapted to the needs of the retail sector.

Actsell demo – Efficold Venditalia 2022
Actsell Plus 700
Actsell 300

We have also introduced our traditional coolers with feautres for vending and retail.

The ML-900 and the FIFO XL are two coolers aimed at increasing sales thanks to the excellent facing of the product on display.

Do you want to know more about them and what they can offer you?

ML-900 ➡️ https://efficold.com/en/productos/ml-900/
FIFO XL ➡️ https://efficold.com/en/productos/fifo-xl/

FIFO XL & ML-900 – Efficold Venditalia 2022

We are sure you have noticed CART, our drink corner with a robotic arm that can serve an infinite number of drinks.

This is one of the products of our collaboration with Macco Robotics.

More information on CART and KIME can be found in the following document:

Venditalia 2022 - Efficold 1

We leave you a demonstration video, in which Luc de Lange explains what CART is and how it works.

CART demo – Efficold Venditalia 2022

It only remains for us to thank everyone who came to visit our stand. It has been a real pleasure to welcome you all.

Thank you very much and see you next time!