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efficold will manufacture 100 million masks a year

We are pleased to announce that Efficold, an Andalusian company belonging to ONNERA Group, is launching 4 mask manufacturing lines, which will manufacture approximately 9 million monthly of these personal protection elements.

From our knowledge, experience and capacity, we will start production lines for surgical and protective masks, in order to ensure a reliable and continuous supply of the Spanish population, public administrations and companies, so as not to be dependent on international markets.

We will manufacture 6 million monthly IIR surgical masks and 3 million EPI (Personal Protective Equipment) FFP2. This means that the annual production will reach 100 million masks.

ONNERA Group CEO Iker Alberdi has pointed out that “the objective of the project is not economic, it is social. It is our way of collaborating with everyone to get ahead. ” But he also adds, “we need to generate a national industry of protective equipment, so as not to depend on international markets.

Likewise, we are working with other Spanish companies to try to guarantee the raw material of our country, and with national laboratories for the homologation and certification of products.

The investment will be almost 3 million euros, where a part of EFFICOLD will be dedicated to the creation of clean rooms where to install the production lines.

The masks will be marketed under the EFFIMED brand, and in the case of surgical masks, they will be green on the outside and white on the inside.

efficold will manufacture 100 million masks a year 1

We have already closed contracts with public administrations and companies for the coming months, since in addition to having a competitive price, the public and private sectors want to buy national and certified products.


To know more about the Onnera Group, we recommend you visit: https://efficold.com/en/onnera-group/