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Welcome to the efficold´s blog

We want to introduce you to our new website where we wanted to reflect our efficold brand.

Efficold is characterized by being a leading brand in manufacturing and distribution of refrigeration equipment for the hospitality industry, commercial cold specialists. Our company is committed to the Environment, and offers innovative, sustainable and energy efficient products.

We have the best professionals and provide customized solutions to our clients.

In Efficold, innovation is essential, for this our team researches and designs new products to cool, we create a new concept of cold: ecological, sustainable and efficient.

Thanks to this we have an extensive catalog of customized products in design and manufacturing with which you will achieve success and help you to make the quality of your brand more visible.

Our brand has more than 30 years of experience backed by major global brands that support our performance and lead us to achieve a global image.

Discover in our next post news about the sector, news and new products or models that we launch to the market.