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World Energy Efficiency Day

Today, March 5th, we celebrate World Energy Efficiency Day.

It is an auspicious date to reflect on the rational use of energy and to act accordingly. At efficold, we know how important it is for our equipment.

Respecting and preserving the environment is not a commercial argument, it is a commitment to the world around us.

In efficold we contribute to a sustainable future to be better in what we do and in what we want to be, and for this we are committed to the ecological cold with the use of more energy and environmentally efficient technologies and materials.

That is why we work to improve its consumption and to reduce the amount of energy used in its manufacture.

Some of our milestones to reduce consumption have been:

  • In 2011 we started using hydrocarbon gases to manufacture our products.
  • Use of LED lighting that reduces consumption by 70% compared to a traditional bulb.
  • The isolation of our equipment is free of HFCs.
  • We use efficient components, such as electronic fans, variable speed compressors, thermostat with ECO mode and intelligent energy management.

Thanks to these advances, at efficold we have been pioneers in the manufacture of energy efficient products for our customers.

We are mentioned on the renowned TopTen.eu page, getting an industrial equipment energy class “A”: https://www.topten.eu/private/product/view/efficold-el-aerg-701

You can find more information about our Corporate Social Responsibility by visiting our website: https://efficold.com/en/rsc/